There is a good amount of money being spent on promoting electric cars but people need all of the above strategies. Electrical bikes are being sold at a rate which is exploding enough to make everyone think about it. These kinds of bikes can quickly feel like they are enough to fill all the gaps for our commute.

We know that electric bikes are not directly comparable to the cars but there are overlaps. These kinds of things are used to move people from one point to another and when you look at it from that perspective, there is not much difference in the products whether it be car or bike. All you need is to commute and all that you need is a proper vehicle.

In the University of Westminster, Rachel Aldred thinks there the investments made should be smarter and should include both e-bikes and cars. She wrote in cycling industry news:

The Cyclists Federation

By 2014, according to the European Cyclists’ Federation, Germany had spent €1.4 billion of public money on R&D for electric cars, announcing in 2016 another €1 billion of subsidies. All this effort helped put 25,500 purely electric cars on German streets. Meanwhile, 2.5 million e-Bikes (pedelecs) appeared, without fanfare and almost without subsidy.

She further said that electronic bikes can go longer distances and can also deal with different types of terrains and this will double the share over the conventional bikes. We do not know why not much is done to promote the use. She later said:


If we enable it, e-Bikes will be core to sustainable mobility. But the government still sees ‘low emission vehicles’ as being cars, vans, and lorries, meaning most ‘green’ spending goes to the most wasteful types of vehicle, and e-Bikes are marginalized. This is despite air pollution experts like Professor Frank Kelly stressing the need for mode shift, and the many advantages of e-Bikes over cars, including health.

There’s growing evidence that e-Bikes replace car trips, maintain cycling at older ages, and allow people who might not otherwise be able to cycle to participate. Far from being ‘cheating’ they will help enable maximum use of the bike infrastructure we need to be building, for both personal and freight transport.

The electronic bikes will disable the use of cars by a ton.

They are a good amount of people who do not need Electric bikes regularly but the change is that electronic bikes will attract people even if people do not ride them a lot because there are a good amount of people who have demonstrated that these bikes will turn the transportation industry into an eco-friendly one. Moreover, these kinds of bikes can replace cars in most of the traps.We hope that people change their thinking and try and approach the electronic biking industry so as to improve their brain development, as Oxford University suggests, and to be more eco-friendly and enjoy nature.

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