Yes, the electrical bike is a big thing now and there are a good amount of companies which are trying to compete in this market. We know that not each and everyone is a fake company and that are people who need crowdfunding in order to complete their project and put it into production.

This company promises to produce something which is a smart alternative to Urban commute but we know that this company does not come with the cheap price. The base model is selling at rupees 29900 for the first 30 units and the price will be hiked to rupees 33900 after those 30 units are sold. After that, the MRP of this bike will be set to 55000. The goal of the crowdfunding is 3000000 rupees and there are only 9 days to go.

Smart Bike

This concept is a smart bike concept and this bike can be charged using a 5-ampere socket just like your smartphone. You can drive anywhere between 30 kilometers to 100 kilometers on a single charge.

It all depends on the model which you have purchased. It also comes with pedals so that you can manually go around whenever you want. In case your battery is exhausted or you want to save your battery, you can use them both simultaneously or only the pedals depending on the situation. The manufacturer of this bike has a good amount of knowledge and expertise so that he can handle the machinery and Sourcing materials that work the best with this e-bike.

All of these things have helped them build a strong and reliable electronic bike which is also affordable and there is no compromise in quality.


The idea behind this concept is really simple, this is a super-powered bike which is also lightweight and portable. This is something which is required and important for a morning commute and this technology will surely be adopted by people if it is having a significant impact on pollution, traffic congestion and public health.

That is the core Idea behind these kinds of cycles anyway. We are not sure how practical this is for the people in India but this idea surely makes sense and biking is a growing hobby in India. The design of this bike is really cool. The top speed of this bike is 25 per hour and it can reach that speed in as low as 10 seconds. The motor consists of 5-speed gear and this bike is powered by a 48-kilovolt lithium-ion battery which also comes with a two-year warranty.

The battery which is included with this bike is detachable and it can charge from 20 % to 80% in 6 hours. This electrical motor which is included in the by can be used for pedal assistance in which you are manually peddling the bike and you will get help from the motor if you are doing it. This will save a lot of battery and will still not let you get easily fatigued.

There is also a great mode which is the regenerative mode which will help you charge the battery when you are pedaling the bike. We do not know what kind of impact this will have on the battery life but this is a good option. The tires which are used are standard bicycle tires and the cables and the Guards are standard as well so that you can replace them without a problem. The components used are local.

The first 50 pipes will be delivered within a month of the campaign anding and the remaining bikes will be delivered within 2 months, the capacity of the delivery will be 50 bikes per month. You can choose any of the options from the website and make sure that you do not miss this chance in case you are an enthusiast.

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