Australia post is about to roll out new mail delivery vehicles and the sound of that is really exciting. These kinds of white will help the people get more sun protection and get more carrying capacity which will help the delivery people be safe from pooping magpies.

The general manager of network Optimisation for Australia post, Mitch Buxton said that there are more kinds of vehicles spawning around and especially Electric bikes are rising because of the efficiency as well as the capacity.

He said, Our e-bikes are one of the best electric bikes under £1000 and they have been relevant for a good amount of yours and help them a lot but there is a limit to what each and everything can do and there is especially a limit to what each and every bike can carry. This means that the new wave of trikes says that there is a place for postie many years into the future.

There is going to be a good amount of growth in the online shopping industry and this means that there will be more goods to carry for the people who are delivering and it will lead to a lot of problems if the carrying equipment is not upgraded and they have to carry each and everything in a traditional biker.

For the last three years, the growth has been about 10% every year or and the production is that by 2020, in every 10 items bought five will be bought online. Therefore we have to adapt to the situation in order to survive. these kinds of bikes are designed so that people will be able to park on the footpath and then deliver the service parcels the door.

Honda C110 X is one of the most common delivery bikes and it was rolled out by Australia post in 2018. All of these bikes are exclusive to the Australia post and this means that these kinds of bikes can only be bought second hand if the general public wants to use them. These bikes were introduced to the delivery people in 1970 with the Honda CT90.

According to McCabe “You had to bring your own bike but you were given a Postmaster General bag, which is now called Australia Post of course,” “I was ‘lucky’ to be given the run that went all the way from Davis Street in Allenstown all the way out to Blackall Street, overall the hills … probably 10 to 20 kilometers.” So by the time I’d done that half a posties run I’d pedaled many, many, many steep hills.”My favorite thing was the lovely older ladies on Agnes Street who would always have a glass of cordial waiting for you when you got to the top of the hill. “I also got to know many dogs.”

Now, despite these kinds of bikes being a good thing for the people want to deliver, there are some issues like speed and terrain difficulties which they face. We will make sure that the vehicles which are introduced will be good enough to fill in for those older bikes.

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