The electronic bike Revolution has been going on around for a while and in most of the countries, it is already a thing. In India, there are a number of companies which are trying to start their own e-bike Revolution and there are people like Kapil Shelke who want to turn their passion into building electronic bikes.

His startup is Pune based and there is revealed the newest product 36 X which is an electric bicycle and is used for racing purposes. This bike will be used for racing this September. He said that this was a good start and the pre-orders had even started this September itself. The company was founded in 2010.


In Bengaluru, Ather energy which was backed by Flipkart founders assembled a team in order to build the first product which was a smart scooter. There was a good amount of talent which was hired in order to complete this project. There are a number of Engineers who were fired and there were a good amount of user interface as well as experience Specialists which were specializing in electronic, power, hardware and software.

This company has also raised funding from a New York-based investment firm which wants to create a Framework for manufacturing electronic in the country. These are not just dreams anymore. There are a number of opportunities which have been opened up for these kinds of Companies.

These are not new startups which are in the space but they are benefiting from a good conductor environment was taking shape in 2019. The price of the letter M on the battery is which help the power of the electric vehicles has dropped nearly four-fold since a decade back and it only costs $200 power battery when you compared to the $800 in 2008.

This change is really dramatic said the chief executive of the company and it is one of the things which can bring about a steep reduction in the cost of this vehicle as well. It is said that the battery constitutes up to 30 to 50% of the total price of the electronic vehicles.

The government made clear that India will be a nation which will run on electric vehicles by 2030. The founder of the first electric car, says that the intention is there, the policy will soon come in for this to happen.


People are also aware that there is a need for eco-friendly transportation in India and the need for the same as rising across the world. For example, there was an experiment in national capital region where the vehicles which were powered by fuels were regulated on the basis of their number plates, in order to reduce the vehicle pollution.

The sales of electric vehicles account for less than 1% of the total vehicle sales in India according to the society of manufacturers of electrical vehicles. Entrepreneurs are getting that the price parity for electric vehicles vs petrol vehicles is becoming a reality in the next 3 years. This is going to be a flip in the market.

Mehta from Ather said “(The) entire rationale to buy a petrol vehicle will disappear, consumers can buy an electric vehicle which will cost pretty much the same as a petrol vehicle, will cost six to eight times less to run, is noise-free, requires far less maintenance, offers more storage space and is lighter.”

The only thing left for all the entrepreneurs to do it change the perception of people regarding electronic bikes as slow and bad when compared to the normal standard vehicles. The top speed of the smart scooter by the company is 72 kilometers per hour, with a touchscreen dashboard as well as built-in navigation which will allow people to set up multiple profiles when riding the bike.

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